Whole House Remodel

Living room showing a table and four chairs, an easy chair, a couch, a window seat and a fireplace.
Interior of the living room looking out through a wall of windows at the meadow and ocean beyond.
A kitchen showing the counter with sink, coffee maker, and stove with a view of the garden through a window.

In this remodel we installed dry wall between the existing rafters, and wrapped the existing rafters with paint grade material for a cleaner finished look to complement the wood paneling. New lighting in the ceiling completes the upgrade. We removed a long window seat and reframed for taller windows that offer a better view of the meadow.

The interior of a fenced garden with flowers and a green chair.
The back deck of a home with stairs down to the garden and a large rock embedded in the stairs.

A new deck with an accent rock breaks up the steps to the meadow. The exterior of the home was completely re sided with new windows included. The fence includes a new retaining wall.

The parking area in front of the home with a view of other homes across the street.
A closeup of a while flower and two pink roses against the garden fence.

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